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MSA is affiliated with the National Karate Jujitsu Federation USA-International, NKJF. The National Karate Jujitsu Federation, USA-International (NKJF), formerly known as National Karate Jujitsu Union (NKJU) and National Karate Jujitsu Union-International (NKJU-I) has been forging warriors since 1974.  We are a traditional organization with deep roots that date back through the history of warriors of Imperial Japan and Okinawa. Renshi Beach is the Colorado State Representative and Martial Science Academy was the first school in Colorado to join the NKJF.

Why should I join the NKJF?

The NKJF is worth joining not only because it's a world class organization with incredible instructors, but also because it's the only way you can receive a belt testing promotion certificate. 

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Can I still take a belt test and get promoted if I don't join the NKJF?

Yes, you will still take belt tests and still earn new belts, you just won't receive a certificate to mark the occassion.

What does the NKJF do for MSA? 

The NKJF ensures that all of our instructors are qualified to teach karate and are teaching it properly. They train our instructors in correct technique and kata to make sure we are teaching our students correctly.

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