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Tournament Class

MSA is all about having a good time at tournaments and embracing the competition. We believe that by participating in Colorado Karate Association Tournaments, we can achieve personal growth and success for our students. Hard work, motivation, and support, are the qualities that push our students to try new things. 

Colorado State Awards
Sensei Salgado-2nd Place Women's Traditional Forms Black Belt Age 35+
Bishop Gonzalez-1st Place Traditional Weapons Ages 9-11

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Students learn to perform in front of new people, speak to and introduce themselves to judges, and gain confidence that they can still accomplish their goals despite being nervous. 

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Students of all levels and ages 4-adult can join our tournament team at no extra cost. They can choose many different categories to compete in at their own age and rank level.

A variety of weapons are available for students to choose from, even the youngest competitors may learn weapons. We teach sword, bo, nunchuck, kama, and tonfa. Students may also compete in sparring.

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