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What do I wear to my first class?

 Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to run around in (not jeans) :

   gym clothes,   sweats and a t-shirt, yoga pants...

  When do I get a uniform?

After your free trial classes and you decide to join and keep learning karate.

Do I have to wear the uniform?

Usually yes, but if you have sensory issues with it, then just wearing your belt with your own clothes is fine.

Do I have to start in Basic Class?

Most people do, however, if you have experience with martial arts and have earned a documented rank, you may move up. If you are older and don't want to a class with little kids, we do have a Teen/Adult Class for all levels.

How long are the classes?

For specific class start times, see our schedule. Basic Class is 1 hour, Intermediate Class is 1 hour 15 min, Advanced Class is 1 hour 30 min, Tournament class is between 30-45 min.

What will I do in class?

All kinds of thing! Kicks, strikes, exercises, kata, sparring, stretching, balance activities, games...whatever the instructors can think of to make you a great martial artist.

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